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Mapadimeng Publishing and Printing Pty Ltd is an Author grooming and publishing company. We also offer all printing services , Company Registration, CIPC and SARS queries , LOGO, Website and Poster design.
Cleaning detergents supplier and small scale farming. The Founder Mankhedi Masha She is an ex traffic officer and GBV Survivor who was left wheelchair bound after he shot her 9 times and left her to die. She found the passion of writing on her journey to recovery using it as a therapy for her past. She is an Author, a motivational speaker, business adviser and coach. Under Mapadimeng A Maso Pty Ltd umbrella we have "MANKHEDI MASHA FOUNDATION". Is an NPO which advocates for Human rights, Disability rights, Women and children rights, Poverty , GBV, Human Trafficking , Youth and Chronic diseases. FEW OF HER QUALIFICATIONS: Diploma in Business Administration, Diploma in Financial Accounting, Diploma in Effective Writing Skills, Diploma in Environmental Management, Diploma in Traffic Officer, Diploma in Examiner of Driver's license, Certificate in Soil Science and technology - Soil Chemistry and Testing, Certificate Accounting Fundamentals, Certificate in Risk Management, Certificate in Customer Service Management, Certificate in Managing the employment process and Certificate in Basic Principles of Public Relations.


Below images is one of the product that we have on Mapadimeng a maso. We have done severe project and our clients are very happy with our service.


Mapadime a maso supply the bulk of cabbage to any event


We supply onion to any market or any event

Green & Red papper

We supply vegetables on the market or local super market


We also supply potatoes with bulk or single to a local super market


Cattle, domesticated bovine farm animals that are raised for their meat and milk.


Our goat used to produce milk, meat, skin, cashmere, mohair and play an integral part in religious and cultural ceremonies.


We supply a bulk of hoodies with a printed icon or any images


The quality of our T-shirt, the first step is to identify the favourite colour of the client.

Mobile freezer

Our mobile fridge and freezers are designed to cool your products fast and keep them cool until ready to use.


Family farmers out of poverty, tackling unemployment for youth and rural women, and helping the world to achieve food security and the Sustainable Development Goals.

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